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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh a Whim

On a Whim (#2 Katie Weldon Series) by Robin Jones Gunn

Pages: 293
Ever since high school, Katie Weldon has wondered what it would be like to be Rick Doyle's girlfriend. As a college senior she's about to find out.
In the swirl of Katie's upgraded dating life, she receives an unexplained bouquet, an unexpected call from her mother, an unprecedented girls' night out with Christy, and an unhappy moment when her beloved car takes its last wheeze.
Rick's new roommate, Eli, complicates things by inviting Katie to see a meteor shower. Under a canopy of stars Katie grasps a new view of the universe--out there as well as up close. As if she had nothing else to do, on a whim, she singlehandedly starts a fund-raising campaign for clean water for Africa.
With Rick caught up in plans for the future, how will Katie navigate her way through the remainder of her college career with no money, no transportation, and no idea what God is up to?

Ramblings: Oooh my goodness. You all are probably tired of my raving about this series. BUT I JUST CAN'T STOP!! I swear if I could I would walk up to every girl on this planet and hand the the first Christy Miller volume and say, "This will change your life. seriously. read this!"

Characters: Katie is such a great girl! She really thinks of others before herself and always tries to do the right thing--even if it doesn't go quite as planned. I know God made me just as I am and I love Him for that, but Katie is the kind of girl I hope to become someday. Even though her life is crazy she just won't stop helping others--even if they are all the way in Africa!

Plot: As the series continues Katie falls more in love with Rick and is pretty much loving life. Getting Eli and more involved in this plot was marvelous and I'm so excited to see more of them in the last book! The plot moves pretty quickly and honestly, I couldn't put it down! And oh my goodness. The ending! Let me tell you: I did not see that coming!

Overall: This series will change your life. Seriously. Go read it!

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Cover Love: 5 Hearts

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  1. "Katie is such a great girl!" <-- That made me smile! I agree with that statement for both you AND this character (although I've never met her before, but am definitely planning to now)! Don't you just love it when a character has the same name as you? x)

    This book sounds so good! I've been trying to find another awesome contemporary novel for a while now, and you can bet that this series is being added to my list! :)

    Awesome review, Katie!


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