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-Helen Exley

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-Marion C. Garretty

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top Ten Books of 2011

It's December 28: The Presents have been unwrapped, the family is leaving, and the New Year is approaching! What were your favorite books of 2011? These are mine (in no particular order):

1. The Death Cure--The finale to The Maze Runner was just fantastic! Sometimes I'm let down by the ending of series, but not this one! Dashner is a fantastic writer and I can't wait to read whatever he comes up with next.

2. Divergent--This is such a great new series: especially the characters! The characters and the plot were just captivating and I couldn't put this book down for a second!

3. Anna and the French Kiss & Lola and the Boy Next Door--Anna being the debut novel and Lola being the second novel, I decided to package them together. Anna is definitely the best debut I've ever read and probably ever will read, and Lola did not let me down one bit either. Bravo to you Miss Perkins!

4. Clarity--I was definitely not wanting to read this book because of this cover (which I still don't like) but I've learned my lesson to never judge a book by its cover! A mystery that is full of suspense and at times just a tad bit creepy, this book was a fantastic read that kept me turning the pages.

5. Christy Miller Collection--When I started making this list I realized that I did read the Christy Miller books for this first time in January! When I started reviewing them on this blog I was re-reading them. The 15 Christy Miller books are the best books I've ever read, no doubt. I'm also going to throw in Katie Weldon & Sierra Jensen books.

6. Choker--This is a book I normally wouldn't find myself reading because I'm not really into creepier books, but I absolutely loved this! It was the ending that fascinated me so and made me like this book a whole lot more. You won't be expecting the ending!

7. Between Shades of Gray--Historical Fiction is so fascinating and what's even more interesting about this book is that the story about what happened has not been told before because the Soviet Union kept the whole incident such a secret. It will open your eyes and you will be shocked with what happens.

8. The Liar Society--I'm really starting to LOVE mystery books and this book sure had me guessing who-did-what and who-was-responsible-for-what. It kept me on my toes and flipping the pages! And Kate is a kick-butt heroine who rocks the pink hair! I love it!

9. Blood Red Road--I loved everything about this book! From the plot to the characters to the fact that there are no quotation marks throughout the whole book. It made for a very interesting read! The ending leaves such a cliff hanger and I can not wait for the sequel!

10. Juliet Immortal--First off, the cover! It's gorgeous, am I right? Besides from being the most beautiful I've seen in a while, the story inside captivated me too! It was so enthralling and I loved this new take on Romeo & Juliet--and not to mention the ending! You will be shocked!

What were your favorites of 2011??


  1. I still have yet to finishe Death Cure, but I am SO excited to finally get my questions answered, and also a little sad that's it's over! :(


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