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Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Antonia

My Ãntonia by Willa Cather

Set on the Nebraska prairie of the 1880s, My Ántonia tells the story of Ántonia Shimerda, daughter of a Bohemian immigrant.Through the eyes of Jim Burden, her tutor and admirer, we follow Ántonia's struggles and triumphs in the face of life's relentless hardships.

Ramblings: (Yes I admit, I had to read this for school, this was not a first choice read) but I'm so glad I had to read this book! At first I was a little put off by this book because I had to read it for school and I thought it would be boring and educational, but I soon realized that this book is much, much, more.

Characters: I soon connected with Jim and Antonia as I read about their life on the prairie. I love Jim and Anotnia's relationship. They grow up together and they have this love that is so amazing--more than a brother sister love, or any other love. It's an agape love which I absolutely loved reading about. So few people ever find that kind of love in their lifetimes and reading about this agape love just opened my heart.

Plot: Taking place out in Nebraska, such an open and unsuspecting place, was a great, unique way to open up the story. Jim lives out on the prairie, in town, and eventually goes off to college, but the people that he meets along the way influence him for the rest of his life. This story has many twists and turns I wasn't suspecting and Cather really carries the story through quite well.

Overall: I was just captured by Cather's writing style and her descriptions. There were a few passages in this book that just blew me away and I was utterly fascinated by her writing. She has raised my standards on books and I'm just in love with this story. Don't pass it up!

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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  1. The bedroom scene of this book has always bothered me. =/

    I had to read this one for a college Lit. class. I can see why it's an American classic.


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