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Monday, May 9, 2011


Intertwined by Gena Showalter

Pages 440
Most sixteen-year-olds have friends. Aden Stone has four human souls living inside him:
One can time-travel.
One can raise the dead.
One can tell the future.
And one can possess another human.
Everyone things he’s crazy, which is why he’s spent his entire life shuffled between mental institutions and juvie. All of that is about to change, however. For months Aden has been having visions of a beautiful girl—a girl who carries centuries-old secrets. A girl who will either save him or destroy him.
Together they’ll enter a dark world of intrigue and danger…but not everyone will come out alive.

When I first started reading this book, I really didn't expect to like it all that much. My friend Kaehli gave it to me to read and I thought, well I don't really think this is the kind of book for me. I like paranormal books, but sometimes they can just be too overwhelming. I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised with this book.

The four main characters of  this book are Aden, Mary Ann, Riley, and Victoria. Now, Aden is a human with four souls inside of him that can do all kinds of things like time travel and raise the dead. Mary Ann is just a human too who is just all mixed up in this crazy world. Riley is a wereworlf, and Victoria is a vampire. They are a very interesting bunch. I really did enjoy their personalites and they brought a lot of color to the story.

Now, Mary Ann and Aden did have their love lives, but the whole book wasn't centered around it. I really enjoyed that it was mostly about figuring out how to cure Aden. The romance did spice up the book a little bit, but it wasn't too overwhelming.

The plot was very unique and I'm excited to  read the rest of the series. In this book, I think it started out slow. It took me a while to really get into their world, but once I did, I never wanted to leave! I have to say I really enjoyed the ending. One part even made me cry. Highlight if you've read the book before, otherwise, this is a HUGE spoiler: Finding out that Eve was Mary Ann's mom was so amazing! I loved it! Their time was so special together and when she had to leave it made me cry. I did think that it was weird how after Eve/Anna died, her sister Carolyn married Marry Ann's dad. That was kind of weird, but otherwise it was a great twist.

Another reason I liked the ending was because of Vlad the Impaler. Finding out he was in this book was pretty cool and I knew the first time meeting him would be very interesting. Well it was, and now I can't wait to find out what happens!
Overall I think this book would suit a lot of readers, but at the same time I think many people would not enjoy this book. It gives a  very different twist on paranormal books based off of the ones I've read, and I think you'd really have to like that to enjoy this book. See for yourselves if you enjoy this, read it! Give this book a shot.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars 

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  1. Great review. I love Gena Showalter and have this waiting on my TBR shelf. I'll have to bump it up a notch now. Good reading:)


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