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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Heart Full of Hope

Christy Miller Collection Book Six: A Heart Full of Hope

Pages: 146
Christy Miller is sixteen and that means she can finally date! Rick has waited months for this, and he has a whole list of dates planned. He's not happy about her early curfews and weekend job, but Christy knows her parents aren't about to negotiate on those points. Really, she's dazzled to be pursued by such a thoughtfu guy. So why does she feel overwhelmed? Where does Todd fit into her life now? And can any guy really fulfill all her hopes?

First off, I have only read/heard about one guy who has ever filled anyone's hopes. Besides, he was made up. I doubt anyone, especially Rick, would be able to fulfill all of someone's hopes. Not that I don't want to meet someone who will fulfill all of my hopes, I'm just trying to stick to reality.

In all of my reviews of the Christy Miller books, I praise and praise! I mean, I love the Christy Miller Collection! And I doubt anyone who picked it up would be able to set it back down. This book however, was not one of my favorites. I was sad because of something with Todd, and I was angry at Rick.

Christy is a strong girl, very strong. She knows what is right and she wants to be a good daughter to her parents and God. And that is amazing! I was very angry with Rick for trying to take some of that away from her. Rick wasn't all bad, at times he was so sweet that I thought about dating him. But in seconds he could become furious. I felt that he was excessively bipolar. I didn't like reading about that side of him. So, I was very proud of Christy for finally sticking up for herself! I was mentally cheering her on.

I loved the situation Christy was put into in this book. Although I didn't like all of the characters' actions, they were very real events and I'm learning from Christy's mistakes on how to handle them. At the same time, I'm hoping that I can handle situations as well as Christy can. And I know it's because God is in her life that she can!

Overall, the Christy Miller books are a quick, but very eventful, emotional, and heart-warming read. Getting close to God can be tough in today's society and Christy understands! These books are just amazing. I can't even stress that enough. I love reading these, they just capture my heart, mind, and soul! "Christy is a forever friend."

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

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