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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Best Friend, Worst Enemy

Holly's Heart Collection 1: Best Friend, Worst Enemy by Beverly Lewis

Pages: 129
Holly Meredith loves her family, her friends, and her cuddly cat, Goofey. She has a fabulous birthday--Valentine's Day--and her mom affectionately calls her "Holly Heart." But Holly has a lot to learn about dealing with life--her crazy family, school pressures, and unpredictable relationships. Thankfully, with the help of her closest friends and her strong faith in God, Holly can survive anything!

Holly and her best friend, Andie, face the biggest challenge yet to their longtime loyalty. Who'd think first crushes could be so complicated?

Beverly Lewis is such a great author and I really enjoyed this most recent collection of books. In the first book, Holly is twelve years old and in seventh grade, which is the same age I was when I first read this book. So when I was browsing through the library and I found this, I knew I wanted to read it again. I'm really glad I did.

Holly's Heart is a cute collection of stories and in the first one, Holly and her best friend Andie both like the same guy. It was a very interesting way to open up the series because by the way that Andie acted, it didn't seem like she and Holly were very good friends at all. In fact, I thought that Andie was a little brat.

The only person in the book who I disliked more than Andie was Jared. He's the boy that both Holly and Andie like. If it weren't for him and his rude ways, they wouldn't have gotten in such a big fight.

It was great to read a book with a character as young as twelve because it made me think back to when I was that age and how funny it is to see the way that young teenagers act. First love and growing up can be difficult and Best Friend, Worst Enemy is a great way to see that.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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