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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Island Dreamer

Christy Miller Collection Book five: Island Dreamer by Robin Jones Gunn

Pages: 172
Christy Miller is spending her sixteenth birthday on Maui with her family, Todd, and Paula, her best friend from Wisconsin! What could be better? But Christy soon finds that she an Paula don't  have as much in common anymore. Paula's obssessed with having a boyfriend...even if it means stealing Todd from Christy! WIll he choose Paula over her? Or will the islands send Christy dreaming in new directions?

This is one of my favorites, and one of my least favorite Christy Miller books. And there are good reasons for that. Robin Jones Gunn never stops surprising me with these books! Through ever twist in the story and every irksome character, the more I read, the more I loe these books.

This book was really good because it takes place in Maui, only one of my dreams! I want to go there soo bad! And, I mean, Christy is turning sixteen and she is spending it in Maui with Todd! Nothing could be better...

Except Paula. She is my least favorite character in the whole series. Honestly. I hate her guts. She goes to Maui, all expenses paid for Christy's birthday knowing very well how much Christy likes Todd, yet the whole time she is there she has glued herself to Todd's side! She flirts with him, touches his hair, and clings to his arm. She never leaves him alone! Poor Christy! I have to give her credit. If I were her I would've set Paula straight. And if that meant I had to slap her a few times to get the point across, then so be it. All I know is that if I were Christy, after that trip Paula would not be my friend anymore!

I love that despite complications with Paula, Todd and Christy's relationship grows. They clearly love each other and I can't get over there relationship. It is one that I can only hope to find someday. They stick together through thick and thin. It's amazing how much they care for each other and how much they understand each other.

Overall this is a book that will dig deep inside of you and relase lots of emotions. Jealousy, outrage, love, humor,  and nervousness all at the same time! This is a great book and I think everyone shoud read the series. I know I say that a lot.... I can't help it! Thank you Sydney for loaning me those books!

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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